Veeam/N2WS – Using External Repositories to Restore to Azure

Overview In my last two posts, we've looked at setting up an N2WS S3 Repository, creating and then restoring files from an External Repository, and then creating backup copy jobs to copy the data in S3 to an on-prem backup repository.  In this post, we'll use the external repository to restore an Amazon EC2 instance … Continue reading Veeam/N2WS – Using External Repositories to Restore to Azure

VMware vForum Online 2019

The new year is well under way, and with 2019 in full swing, tech conference chatter will start to heat up. While VMworld is just over six months away, there are still opportunities to get your dose of VMware updates well before then. One of those opportunities is VMware's vForum Online, which will take place … Continue reading VMware vForum Online 2019

Veeam/N2WS – Using External Repositories

What is an External Repository? Veeam External Repositories provide a means of integrating Veeam with N2WS.  But what is an external repository?  It's really quite simple. If I may, I'd like to point you to my previous post on which I detailed the steps to configure/enable the Copy to S3 feature of N2WS version 2.4.  … Continue reading Veeam/N2WS – Using External Repositories