My name is Adam Fisher and I am a Cloud and DevOps Engineer in Raleigh, NC for RoundTower Technologies, a national VAR and service provider.  I have a long background in the Data Center space, which means a lot of VMware, Veeam, DellEMC, NetApp, Cisco and HPE, just to name a handful.  My new role is centered more around public cloud, with a strong focus on VMware Cloud on AWS.  I’m a huge music fan and have been playing drums since I was 13.  I root for all Pittsburgh sports teams and Virginia Tech football.  I’m also an amateur BBQ pit “master” and enthusiast.  This blog is focused on the work stuff, but may have a sprinkle of the other stuff.

My name is David Ball and I’m a Cloud Platform Architect based in North Carolina.  I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Susan for 23 years, and we are plenty busy with 6 kids though “only” 5 now live at our house.  I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia rooting for UVA (they won the BBall National Title!!!), the Chicago Cubs, the Boston Celtics, and most of all, the Washington Redskins though I did have a two-year fling with the Eagles.  But as I’ve gotten older and Washington has fallen from the NFL elite, I now jump on bandwagons…yes, I’m that fan now!!  When I’m not working or considering which team to switch my football allegiances to, I enjoy traveling and photography.