My name is Adam Fisher and I am a Solution Architect in Raleigh, NC for NWN Corporation, a national VAR and cloud provider.  My focus is in the Data Center space, which means a lot of VMware, Veeam, DellEMC, NetApp, Cisco and HPE, just to name a handful.  I’m a huge music fan and have been playing drums since I was 13.  I root for all Pittsburgh sports teams and Virginia Tech football.  I’m also an amateur BBQ pit “master” and enthusiast.  This blog is focused on the work stuff, but may have a sprinkle of the other stuff.

My name is David Ball, married to my wonderful wife Susan and we are plenty busy with 6 kids.  Like Adam, I work for NWN Corporation as a Consultant on the Datacenter team in North Carolina.  As Adam stated above, we work on a variety of technologies and the list seems to grow every day.  I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia rooting for UVA (I don’t think I’ve told Adam this), the Chicago Cubs, the Boston Celtics, and most of all, the Washington Redskins though I did have a two-year fling with the Eagles (don’t think I told Adam this either) before returning to Washington.  Thus, I’ve never really cared for either Pittsburgh sports teams or Virginia Tech, but as I’ve gotten older and the Redskins have fallen from the NFL elite, I now jump on bandwagons…yes, I’m that fan now!!  When I’m not working or considering who to switch my football allegiances to, I enjoy travelling and photography.