“Errno13 Permission Denied” After Upgrading N2WS to Version 2.4

Recently, I performed an upgrade from N2WS Cloud Protection Manager 2.3 to 2.4.  Though I didn't have any issues during the upgrade AND my backups continued to be successful afterward, I received an error when trying to perform an AWS permissions check though the N2WS GUI, specifically, my N2WS instance did not appear to have … Continue reading “Errno13 Permission Denied” After Upgrading N2WS to Version 2.4

Veeam – Public Cloud Options

Veeam announced this week that they have acquired N2WS Software, which adds to their portfolio a cloud native backup solution specifically for AWS.  This acquisition should certainly help Veeam push into the forefront of capabilities in regards to AWS, if not hopefully also speed up the release of the eagerly anticipated v10 of Backup and Replication … Continue reading Veeam – Public Cloud Options